Do you ever get hot while pulling focus at your focus station? Maybe you're outside baking in the sun without a courtesy from the grips, or maybe you're inside where the A/C can't be turned on because you're rolling sound. Boy do we have the compact solution for you! This portable USB fan fits perfectly into the USB slot of your focus pulling monitor, and is quiet and compact enough that it won't ruin a take for sound! And the best part is, it'll keep you cool!!


Portable bendable USB-powered fan, small and convenient to carry with you, has a strong wind
The use of silicone fan blades will not harm you
This can be used not only on mobile power sources but also on Focus Station monitors, at Video Village, on a Handheld Wireless Monitor, in USB connectors, chargers and other devices equipped with USB interfaces.



Features: Can be used anywhere, can be powered by any device with a USB port
Unique bendable design, lightweight, very flexible, low noise, low power consumption
Material: Silicone

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink
Size: 145.5 x 15 x 89.3mm

Focus Station Monitor USB Fan