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Dan Lowrey: @btf_productions

I’ve been active in using your BNC’s for some time now. Do my part to recommend your cables to AC’s and DP’s. These cables are top-notch. Low profile with tons of flexibility. Any gimbal operator or AC should have a variety of these cables in their kit… and it won’t break the bank. 

Joe Gunawan: @joegunawan616

I think you guys have well-made cables that are affordable, lightweight, in multiple useful lengths, and most important, available in right-angles.

Spencer Nelson: @snpmn

Honestly quality BNC for a great price.

Austin Millinder: @austinmillinder

I’ve purchased several orders of BNC from Norton AntiWires now, for the simple reason that they’re the best on the market. As a 1st AC, a BNC cable is not only one of the most important cables out there, but also can be one of the most annoying. Not only does it need to be flexible, but it also needs to be sturdy and able to uphold to regular - if not occasionally strained - use. There’s nothing worse than a monitor that keeps shorting out because of a bad connection somewhere in a faulty BNC. The BNC’s I’ve received from Norton AntiWires, however, have never let me down! They’re thin and flexible, making them low profile enough to run them wherever need be - on camera or otherwise - without having to worry about flimsy quality. Not to mention the extremely affordable price. I’ve purchased various lengths of both straight and right angle BNC from Norton AntiWires, and I’ve been nothing but pleased with every use!

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